Deacon stole

3900 kr

Deacon stole
The deacon stol is worn from left shoulder to right hip. On request,
deacon stoles can be made to custom size at no additional charge.
Standard chest size (95-115 cm) will be supplied unless otherwise requested.
Standard: embroidery in front at chest height, on back on lower panel.

Dubble-sided stoles can be ordered. Request quote.
Specify motif: deacon emblem (silver thread). Made to Measure.


Dupion. Knotted yarn fabric of 70% polyester and 30% viscose. Washable and lightweight.

Viscose is a type of textile made from the cellulose fibres that are contained in wood pulp; like beech, pine and eucalyptus but also bamboo. It has a silk-like appearance and the ability to absorb and retain rich and vibrant colours. Its cellulosic base gives it properties similar to those of cotton and smoothness similar to silk, meaning it’s moisture absorbent, breathable and comfortable to wear. Viscose is semi-synthetic due to the chemicals involved in the viscose process. Dupion is a blend of 70 man-made fibre and 30% viscose, guaranteeing the advantages of a man made fibre, but keeping the soft feel of viscose.

  • Man-made fibre is more moisture-wicking while viscose is more absorbent.
  • Man-made fibre dries faster and does not wrinkle as easily as viscose.
  • Man-made fibre is stronger and does not shrink.


Ytterligare information


Green-30, Dark green-33, Red-20, Dark red-23, Purple-40, White-10


130cm, 135cm, 140cm, 145cm