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In our webshop you can find all sorts of Priests clothing and Deacon clothing. You can choose among Priest shirts, Deacon shirts, caftan, tops, skirts, blouses and dresses tailored just for you. We offer you everything from collar shirts, deacon shirts, priest tops to Elva, Cassock, Sanctuary vestment, Sanctuary alb and Gothic chasubles. The collection is mainly from our own collection – Clergy Collection, but also from corporate, casual, gift cards and more.

Welcome to click home your favorites among our Priests clothing and Deacon clothing. Clergy Collection maintains the highest quality and best fit, all to make you feel comfortable at work. Our collection is also durable, functional and very stylish, something that every Priest and Deacon can proudly wear at work. Tailored – we can offer tailored shirts and caftans for both men and women, just so you can get the best possible fit that suits you, whatever size you have. We are also a distributor of Slabinck, Vestments and Liturgical Goods, which means we can offer you quotes using any designs, fabrics or trims.

If you want to get in touch with us, you can find our contact information here. We would love to here from you as your opinion is very valuable to us.